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Your guide to the teen heroes of DC Comics!!

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If you are an older comics reader, you can probably remember the first time you saw Robin or the pre-Crisis Superboy and thought to yourself, "Gee, I'd love to be like that. I'd love to be able to hang out with Batman or fly like Superman."

Or maybe you're a newer or younger reader who first found the attraction when a certain impulsive speedster teen from the 30th century first escaped to the 20th century with his grandmother? Or maybe it's another character who grabbed your interest. Possibly the spunky Arrowette, who is willing to tell off the JLA to their faces.Or perhaps a lesser-known character such as Anima or Rose Wilson.Regardless of the whos and the whoms, one thing is still sure: young heroes have found a way to captivate comic book readers all over again, particularly readers of the DC Comics universe.

So, whomever you are, welcome to DCU: Next Generation, the premiere website dedicated to following the exploits of those amazing young heroes of DC Comics!

To see Batman do something
heroic is inspiring on an
almost archetypal level.To
see ROBIN do something
heroic is inspiring on a PERSONAL level.

-- Devin Grayson

I always believed teen
heroes were heroes first
and teens second and that
they didn't need adult
supervision or approval.
They could operate
on their own.

-- Marv Wolfman

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